My name is Mike Wendland. By introduction, I‘m a longtime media guy. I’ve written for national newspapers, from USA Today to the New York Times. My syndicated columns have appeared coast to coast in dozens of major newspapers. My NBC-TV PC Mike technology reports are distributed weekly to all 215 NBC TV.

superhealthymelargeI am also a travel writer (roadtreking.com) who travels around North America in an RV looking for cool stories about people and places.

This blog and  podcast chronicles exactly what happens to me as I start to exercise daily and abandon a junk food diet and eat only good, whole, organic and nutritious foods.

I share every aspect of this adventure, revealing my weight, my struggles and successes and what I am learning and experiencing through this new emphasis on health and fitness.

The goal of this is total transparency. I share my weight and what I eat and exercise each day. I interview health and fitness experts, answer recorded  questions from my readers and offer tips and resources to help people lose weight and get healthy

Remember Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” movie and his experiment to see what would happen if he only ate food from McDonalds? At the end of 30 days, he was so sick he was advised to stop the experiment.

I pretty much stopped eating fast food after seeing that movie.

But, I wondered, what would happen if, instead of eating fast food, he ate only good-for-you food and embarked on a fitness program? Is it ever “too late” to start?

This blog and podcast is the ansqer to that question.

I’m after wellness here. Total wellness. Doing the podcast will beep me accountable. Plus, I believe what I learn and experience by eating right and exercising daily will help a lot of people.

There are no more excuses! It’s time to be SuperHealthyMe!