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09 SuperHealthyMe Podcast: The Fat Apocalypse

Wat a great show we have for you this week as we expose the dirty smear campaign launched by Big Food against a leading critic and dig into an online coaching program called the “Fat apocalypse” that helps people jump start their healthy living plans by changing their lifestyle.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:39:33)

Show Notes for Episode 09 SuperHealthyMe

In this episode of SuperHealthyMe, I share how that five pounds I gained over Thanksgiving week vanished almost as fast as it appeared. The weight gain stemmed mostly from water retention caused by excessive carbohydrate consumption over the holiday.

foodbabeI also give a Food Babe update, explaining how the crusader for healthy living and full disclosure by the food industry of the ingredients in their products has come under viscous attack by “Big Food” interests, eager to discredit her coming book. The Food Babe’s real name is Vani Hari and her quest to investigate what’s really in our food has done wonders to help people take control of what they are eating by knowing what’s in commercial foods.

Her fans – I’m one of the biggest – have come together as a “Food Babe Army” to demand that Big Food “show us your ingredients.”

Information is power.

I go on a mini rant in this episode as I tell of the backlash Big Food has launched against the Food Babe.

But all one has to do is open their eyes to see something is very, very wrong with the typical American diet. Look at photos of your parents or grandparents from the 40’s and 50’s. Look at old movies. People were fit, thin, healthy-looking. Just look. Now look around you. The ultimate proof of how bad it is can be seen in our supermarkets where motorized scooters have to be available because so many of their customers are so fat they can not waddle down the aisles under their own power.

Keep up the fight Food Babe. You have an army behind you.

The Fat Apocalypse and The Bayley Body

In the main interview portion of the podcast, Mike interviewed Lauren and Fraser Bayley are the creators of The Bayley Body at , whose “Fat Apocalypse” online fat loss coaching program is seeing great results by many.

fraserlaurenbayleyThe Bayleys shared:

– Fraser’s Protein Pancake breakfast

– Lauren’s Green juice breakfast

– The unique challenges of those embracing a healthy lifestyle later in their lives

– The dangers of yo-yo dieting.

– The optimum time to workout

– What each workout should include

– How often you should work out

– How to make healthy living a habit

– – The importance of support and accountability

Why sitting too much is really bad for you

The Bayley’s favorite fat-fighting apps:


The Jawbone UP activity tracker and app

Word of the Week

1 Corinthians 9:27 –“But I discipline my body and keep it under control lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified”


Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond

This book has really motivated me! I talked about it in Podcast Episode #8. It is by Dr. Henry Lodge and Chris Crowley. Believing they have a unique approach for improving men’s lives, Crowley, a former litigator, and Lodge, a board-certified internist, collaborated to write this “evolutionary” health program. The authors base their plan on the idea that instead of looking forward to decades of pain as the body slowly deteriorates, it’s possible to live as if you were 50, maybe even younger, for the rest of your life.

The key is exercise. Lots of strong, vigorous exercise, six days a week, every week from now on.

I’ll be mentioning this is future podcasts, too.

008 SuperHealthyMe Podcast: Help! I gained five pounds in one week!

This podcast almost didn’t happen. In fact, I almost cancelled this entire project. I’m that humiliated and shamed.


I gained five pounds in one week! That’s what Thanksgiving week did to me.

That’s what I did to myself.

But in this week’s episode, I describe what I learned about my failure and what I’m going to do about it.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:34:44)

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Obesity: The plague of the 21st century

I know this will not be easy. I’m conditioned to like junk. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup is in everything. We are all addicted to sugar and caffeine highs. To be sure, as I wean yourself from these substances and detoxify your body, I will go through a withdrawal phase.


There will also be a pocketbook hit. Because bad food is cheap food. Good whole, organic and natural food costs more. That’s because it’s not mass produced, processed, packaged and injected with chemicals to give it a long shelf life as it is transported thousands of miles. In the long term, though, wellness always wins.


Again, instinctively I know all this. As you do, too, I’m sure. But knowing and experiencing it, making the choices to live counter-the-junk-food culture and then developing the discipline to eat and live healthy is different than head knowledge.

This is going to take a commitment.

007 SuperHealthyMe Podcast: The absolute worst time to eat!

Whew! Thanksgiving is over.


But this week sure did some damage to my SuperHealthyMe goals.

I share my frustrations but offer a simple and yet amazingly powerful rule to follow to prevent weight gain

Listen to the Episode Below (00:16:39)

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